With more than 30 years of knowlegde, we are leaders manufacturers of special polyurethane parts depending on each customer requirements.

our polyurethanes


“Elastomer for demanding dynamic applications”

Made in Argentina by a COVESTRO AG Germany exclusiveness licence, this polymer replaces with important advantages, all kind of natural or syntetic rubbers and also other elastomers.
VULKOLLAN has become into a synonym of “quality & excellence” with exceptional abrasion resistance mixed with dynamic loads. It is manufactured as semi-finished, wheels recovering and all kind of special designed parts.


  • Solid, hardness of 68º up to 92º Shore A.
  • Micro-cellular, densities of 300 up to 800 kg/m3.


“ Very good mechanic resistance elastomer ”

Used in the manufacturing of pieces for different sectors, such as mining, industrial, etc.


  • Solid, hardness of 80º Shore A up to 60º Shore D


  • High tear resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to UV-radiation, ozone, fats and oils
  • Reduced temperature dependence
  • Excellent dynamic resistance to wear
  • Reduced compression set
  • Almost constant shear modulus
  • High impact resilience